Update Jan/2004

Dear Ken,

Well what a year it has been!

My site www.updatexp.com was 1 year old on the 11th January 2004. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to drop a few lines about how the last 12 months have gone. To keep this short, I thought I would just review the highlights...


Taking a look at the "stats" for the year made me realize just how much SBI! has allowed me to achieve! Here are a few of them:

So simple, I just create the content! SBI! has done things for me that NO web host could EVER do...! But there's more...

Google Groups

Because the SBI! system allows you to create pages that rank so well at the major search engines, word has spread about my website amongst my "niche" target market. I now have folks recommending my site 24 hours a day in many of the relevant newsgroups! A quick look at Google Groups shows 3,350 references to my site... But only about 400 are posted by me!


SBI! has allowed me to generate a lot of targeted traffic to the website on a daily basis. Software vendors, interested in targeting the SAME market, are now starting to approach me, to recommend their software. I am now getting FREE software to review for my site. (I did approach the same companies when I first started out, but none of them were interested - I had NO TRAFFIC.) Now THEY come to ME and I have even negotiated an increase in affiliate commission with one of them... I could not have done this so soon without SBI!


I have also been approached by Microsoft for a nomination to recognize my "contribution" to the Microsoft online community! (only a nomination at this stage...) It is called the MVP (Most Valued Professional) award and there is no way I could have got this recommendation from my "peers" so soon, if I had NOT been using SBI!.


Well SBI! has allowed me to put my site in front of so MANY folks searching on Windows XP related issues in the last 12 months.

Sure... with a lot of hard work and late night sessions at my PC, I could have done some of what SBI! has done for me... e.g. Search Engine submissions, keyword searching etc... BUT why do things the HARD WAY, when SBI! makes this work so much easier. My time is far too valuable, better spent on developing more and more great content... and on profits.

Thanks Ken for a wonderful product!

I hope that more and more folks realize that Site Build It! REALLY does WORK! It was a hard decision to make "when I was outside, looking in." But it's so obvious once you get started.

This 12 months has been an amazing year for my site. But ALL this is even MORE remarkable when you consider that I am just one guy, working a few hours a week on his website!

Thank you again. I look forward to 2004 with SBI!.

Kind Regards
Marc Liron
[email protected]

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