Update Oct/2009

It has been quite a while since I last wrote an update.

Since then, the words "Credit Crunch" seem to be everywhere today, along with so much doom and gloom in the press/on TV/on the radio.

In the last year, like many, I have seen a dip in advertising revenue.

My answer?

Curl up in a ball of denial and moan like so many others are doing right now - only kidding!

No, I just focus on creating more targeted content that people are searching for online. Regardless of what the media is telling you, there are still people making purchases and companies that are advertising online. (Only when Google goes bust will I believe there is a real crisis online. Until then it's business as usual for me.)

Six Years And Growing

I am continuing to build my "Brand" with my SBI! websites:

I love these words from the English poet Wordsworth:

"Mid the wreck that is and was, things incomplete and purposes betrayed"

Here Wordsworth was making reference to his "great work" that he toiled on for 50 years, but he sadly never completed, and so he went unpublished in his life time. This reminds me of many folks who are seeking to make a living online, but sadly never actually take action. They are always "in the process" of doing it.

And that's why I love the SBI! Action Guide...

It has all you need to get you were you want to be, follow it and don't stray from the time-tested pages. I am living proof that it works. And yes I still refer to it even though I am in my 6th year of using SBI!.

More Sad News

In 2008, my wife's aunt died suddenly and we had to drop everything and fly out to Canada for the funeral. Then whilst we were at the funeral, news came through that my wife's father, back in the UK, had collapsed and was admitted to hospital. We immediately flew back and Sarah was able to spend some time with him before he too passed away 2 weeks later. This was a dark time for us both, but having an SBI! business meant I had no employer to ask for time off, especially as it meant 5 weeks in total.

I'll always be grateful for that.

More Than Websites

Since I launched my first SBI! website in January 2004, I have been "Building a Business" that has real value.

Most of the pages are still ranking very well and so each month bring in an income, even though the content may have been written years ago.

I treat each and every page as an asset owned by my business that is building equity for me - this is an important mindset to have.

For me, investing time in a system, which allows me to produce an income day after day (even while I sleep) rather than being an "employee" and living from pay check to pay cheque, has been life changing.

Stock markets may go up and down, but for me these pages of "Targeted Content" have delivered a constant return on my investment of time!

What Am I?

During the last year, I have been asked this question a lot... "Marc, what exactly do you do for a living?"

I have been tempted to reply, "I sit in my PJ's all day and play on the Internet." But in all seriousness, it was not an easy answer to give at first. My stock reply was an IT Consultant, but yet that did not describe what I did. Nor did the answer, "Web Professional" fit the bill.

Finally it hit me. I am a publisher!

This describes what I do perfectly. I publish quality content that others read and through my content, I monetize my visitors and earn an income every day.

More Recognition

As you may already know, my "niche" is Microsoft operating systems.

As I write this update, the world-wide launch of Microsoft's latest operating system - Windows 7 - has just occurred.

I received an invite from Microsoft to their official UK Windows 7 Launch event and champagne reception, being held in London. This event was mainly for the UK press, however, SBI! has given me a platform that reaches deep into my online marketplace. Something that Microsoft people are aware of and value. So Microsoft was keen to offer me a place at this unique event!

In addition, Microsoft has awarded me their prestigious "Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)" award again in 2009. Something I have received now for each and every year I have had my SBI! websites...

No coincidence there!


My Advice

Do a little each day in building your online business. Time might be tight for you, so make each and every hour count. I know as I have been there, too. When I first started, I was a married man (still am!) with a full time job and only a few hours a week spare. However, I persevered and am so glad I did!

My dream was always to work for myself, and I have been living that dream since 2004 - all thanks to the opportunity SBI! gave me.

Kind Regards,

Marc Liron
Microsoft MVP

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