Update February/2006

I thought it was time to check in with another update!

Sarah and I have been unpacking the last few boxes, after our move, and I came across my hard copy version of your book - Make Your Site Sell.

As you know I "discovered" SiteSell.com in 1999 and this book literally changed the way I thought about the Internet, creating websites, selling online etc.

I started to reminisce about the "old days" before Site Build It!...

and I am so glad those days are gone :-)

Like all of us, I too had some dreams for my life back then:

Well as I sit here and type out this note to you I have exceed ALL the above!...

But the best part was sitting down with my wife at Christmas and saying "Honey, you can give up your job if you want too!"

Now "losing" her $70,000 job is do-able, thanks to Site Build It!

By TRUSTING in the process of C > T > P > M (Content - Traffic - PREsell - Monetize), I have been able to build a growing business.

Now when I open a computer magazine and see a full page advert for a hosting company my heart "sinks" as I think of all the small business owners who "fail" with these companies...

If only they were using Site Build It!

I often have conversations with other Web Professionals who tell me my Site Build It! websites are not graphically pleasing enough, or have no interactivity using Flash based technology, or just would not "cut it" in the corporate world!

At this point I just sigh, and then the fun begins! I ask them what it is like to have websites that don't get much traffic.

I ask them what it is like to have a Job (ugh) and work for someone else building websites that just don't sell much!

Some actually "get it." They can still use DreamWeaver, Photoshop, and whatever tools they love to build their sites. The key is that they now focus on the C > T > P > M process of building sites that work.

Ken, I "got it" fast thanks to that old hard-bound copy of MYSS!, way back in the last millennium. I've been a fan ever since. I was ready to give it a go.

Key decisions like that change one's life. I can't thank you enough.

Kind Regards,

Marc Liron
Microsoft MVP - Digital Media

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